Custom-made Cleanrooms

Customers in need of high-quality cleanrooms looking to cut costs, take advantage of cleanroom Softwalls and Strip-Curtains.

For rooms “as clean as necessary, but not as clean as possible” those materials provide safe and most cost efficient separations of production areas. Reliable preventing contamination, Ewert´s Softwalls and Strip-Curtains are the most popular alternative to high-priced and immovable brick-walls.

Since the first appearance of cleanrooms, Ewert GmbH & Co. KG produces Softwalls and Strip-Curtains for considerable international companies, custom-made for specific requirements of branches and spatial needs.

Please note: There are different Attachment Systems to be considered when planning and ordering.

Cleanroom Curtains

upper edges depend on different ways of attachment:

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Example of Use

Ewert cleanroom curtain used with PVC-Welt System in combination with a PETEK